Arkhangelsk, North Russia tour

North Russia American Expeditionary Forces, British expeditionary Forces.

These sites are primarily related to the continuation of the First World War in Russia. Civil War, American Expeditionary Force, the British Expeditionary Force, the Bolsheviks. Here is preserved even one of the world’s six tanks MK V, and various museums. A characteristic feature that the fighting was along railways. Red partisans, on the contrary, are often left in the forest.
The specialty of this region is that preserved many of the old houses. These houses, these buildings have a distinctive feature – the wooden one-or two-story. In the north, it is called “wooden zodnichestvo.” And of course – cold. Summer temperatures are usually not hot. In winter, of course, cold, snow, ice.
Tourists often come here not only to learn more about the history of the American Expeditionary Force in northern Russia, but also to understand more about the “Russian frost” and “Russian nature.”
Here, close to the northern and Russian missile test site “Plesetsk” which is precisely the places that have been used by military units during the time I of the Civil War in Russia. This landfill space launches satellites with small angles of the orbit. Startups are a beautiful sight, but the range and its museum are practically closed to foreign citizens.
Survived many photos with being British and American forces in the north of Russia. 339 Infantry Regiment of the U.S. after the war in Arkhangelsk even got a plate on which the polar bear and the inscription in Russian “Bayonet decides”
In the U.S., there is a museum dedicated to the American expeditionary forces in northern Russia, which we also visit those who are interested by the civil war in the north of Russia and the American Expeditionary Forces.
In the U.S., there are many descendants of participants in these events, which sometimes come to see these places connected with the history of their family