Battlefield tours from Moscow

Russian battlefields tour guide

American, Japanese, Chinese, French… Expeditionary Forces in Vladivostok, 1918

American, Japanese, Chinese, French… Expeditionary Forces in Vladivostok, 1918

Evacuation of Russian Army from Crimea to Turkey, November 1920

Evacuation of Russian Army from Crimea to Turkey, November 1920

the real world war 2 battlefields in Russia

the real world war 2 battlefields in Russia


Russian historical & military painter art studios

Russia interesting places to visit

Top popular travel cities/region/ historical areas

  • Moscow region, the Capital
  • Saint-Petersburg / Leningrad
  • Kursk – Orel – Belgorod, the Arc and the WWII famous tank battle for Prokhorovka
  • Stalingrad/ Volgograd/ Tsaritsyn
  • Smolensk, the fortress-city
  • Briansk, the WW2 querilla tour: “front behind the front” + Tula = one day tour
  • Don river, Voronezh, Rossosh – from The Mongol Golden Horde to World War Two Italian battlefields
  • Don Cossack land, Novocherkassk – the history, culture, churches, museums and fantastic nuture
  • Caucasus the montains, Piatigorsk . Mount Elbrus, the  mineral springs and “Edelweis” operation
  • Novorossiysk, Black sea Navy port and Leodin Brezhnev WW2 battlefield
  • Kuban, Ice-march, the mountains Cossack area
  • Kaliningrad/ ex.Kenigsberg, East Prussia – the last bastion of the Third Reich
  • Siberia, trans-Baikal Ice-march. From Irkutsk to Omsk trough all country
  • Arkhangelsk, North Russia, AEF
  • Vladivostok, city-fortress and Russian Far Est. Nature, ocean and the history
  • Ural, Perm, GULag area – the emeralds, gems and NKVD concentration camps
  • Sevastopol, the Hero-city of many wars, including WWII,  Crimean peninsula
  • Balaklava, Cold War the soviet nuclear submarine top secret base.
  • Black sea, Yalta, Tsar residence
  • Crimea, Kakhovka – Perekop
  • All cities/areas by ABC

top20 historical-military museums.

As the request of our foreign friends we display our own information about the best Russian historical-military museums, including the restricted and no-longer…

The best museums as the request of the tourist:

  • Military-Historical Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment
  • The Central Armed Forces Museum of USSR/ Russian Federation
  • Central Air Force Museum in Monino
  • FSB Central Border guard museum, ex. KGB the Frontier troupes museum, ex. NKVD museum
  • The Museum of Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Military Uniform Museum- Laboratory (closed for the visitors)
  • Kremlin museums
  • Space Flight Control Center (TsUP) – Mission Control Center (MCC)
  • The Central museum of the Great Patriotic War (WW2 1941-1945)
  • Borodino Battle museum (Moscow region)
  • The Central Museum of Military Police Troops of Russian Federation
  • The Central Navy museum
  • Petropavlosk Fortress museum
  • Winter Palace
  • Museum of the military uniform
  • Prokhorovka tank battle museum (Belgorod region)
  • Balaklava submarine base museum (Sevastopol)
  • Heavy Artillery battery N35, Sevastopol

to be continued…

Private historical, cultural and battlefield tours from Moscow

Our own travel programs:

individual / small group budget tours

  • 1-3 days WWII battlefield tours for tourists (Smolensk, Kursk, Stalingrad etc. as request)
  • 1-2 “weekend” tours for the foreigner businessmen from Moscow
  • journalist – tours for TV, magazine correspondents
  • 1-2 weeks the special expeditions
  • 100% security, English / Chinese speaking military historian guide. details…

Moscow region sightseeing tours: culture, history 

  • Golden ring tours to Vladimir, Suzdal etc. learn more…
  • Eco tour: old fashion Russian country (1-3 days)
  • Martial arts: KGB fighting style (1-3 days)

Russian WWII Battlefields and relic hunting tour list:

  • Battle for Moscow battlefield tour (1 day)
  • Tver region battlefield (Mars operation) and relic hunting tour (1-3 days)
  • Smolensk: fortress and Hitler bunker battlefield tour (1 day, 2 nights)
  • Prokhorovka tank battle for Kursk battlefield tours (1 day, 2 nights) by train
  • Stalingrad battlefield tour (1-3 days) (Stalingrad city)
  • Stalingrad battlefield tour (1-7 days) (Stalingrad city + the real battlefield areas)
  • Stalingrad battlefield tour (the 2nd line at the Donetz river) (1-7 days)
  • “Mius front” , the 1st line of the Battle for Stalingrad and Taganrog city
  • Don river- II (South) battlefield tour (German, Rumanian armies)
  • Battle for Leningrad battlefield and relic hunting tour (1-7 days)
  • Don river battlefield + relic hunting tour (German, Italian, Hungarian Armies vs. Stalin) (1-7 days or the “expedition” tour), more…
  • Novgorod region (2nd Storm Army of Vlasov capture) battlefield and relic hunting tour (1 day, 2 nights)
  • Caucasus mountains (German “Edelweiss” division) battlefield and relic hunting tour (*) (1-7 days or the “expedition” tour)
  • Königsberg & East Prussia battlefield and relic hunting tours (1-7 days or “expedition” tour). Learn more…
  • Sevastopole -Crieme (1-7 days) tours
  • German/ Soviet/ British/ US WWII tanks & AV relic hunting tour/expedition

COLD WAR “battlefield”  tours list:

  • Soviet Empire Strategic Defense ruins tour (1-2 days). Learn more…
  • East Prussia Soviet Army Cold War tour. Learn more…

Сombined tours: the Russian culture, the history and the battlefields

Your favor period:

  • World War II
  • World War I
  • Russian Civil War & Intervention
  • Cold War / Soviet era
  • All wars and historical events

Your special interest:

  • Militaria, collecting
  • Re-enactment
  • Relic hunting, diggers
  • Vehicles, AV, aviation
  • Military painting, fine-art
  • Boy-scouting
  • Architecture, fortification
  • Family, ancestry history
  • Russian history & culture
  • Other special interests

Second World War museums and battlefields.

The best places dedicated WWII in Russia and ex-Russia 

battlefields of the “Battle for Moscow”
Tver region (North-West direction)
Smolensk region (west direction)
Kaluga region (South-West)

St. Petersburg (Leningrad)
Mannerheim Line
Nevsky snout
Novgorod (the blockade break attempt by 2 Shock Army under General Vlasov command )

East Prussia, Königsberg

Smolensk more …

Bryansk more …

Kursk, Orel, Belgorod-Prokhorovka


Voronezh – Rossosh

River Don, Novocherkassk, Rostov-on-Don


Crimea – Sevastopol

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WWII batlefields and the Cold War ruins in Kaluga

WWII batlefields and the Cold War ruins in Kaluga