Crimea. Kakhovka. Perekop

Russian Civil War. British / French tank battlefields in Russia.

Crimea and Northern Tavria associated with many historical events such as the history of Russia, and global importance. In this section we will be posting information about events 1919-1920 year, as Russian citizens are aware of these places more on films and songs of the Civil War. Actually here and there were events that in 1920, for decades determined the fate of Russia. Most Soviet films about the Civil War show these places. The first tank breakthrough Russian army in 1920, at Kakhovka. Dozens of British tanks MK V, Mark A French Renault FT-17 destroyed Soviet artillery, which had already learned to destroy British tanks with bulletproof armor.
The experience of this tank and artillery battles long studied at the Military Academy of the USSR and abroad.
Next to Kakhovka is “Turkish Wal” – fortified area where there were heavy fighting in November 1920. Russia, like China, could be divided into two countries – Russia (Red, Soviet) and Russia (white, Democratic). Crimean peninsula was to be analogous to the Chinese of Taiwan.
Here, in the Crimea, many British, American and French officers were Russian award for a joint struggle against the Bolsheviks.
The Russian Army of the Crimea evacuated on Russian and foreign ships to Allied bases in Turkey.
Each year the association of descendants of those who fought here, visit these places.
In France, for example, lives a man who was here at the age of 5 years and saw it all. His father served as a captain in the Drozdovskaya Division, which defended Perekop. His father was taken in 1920, people from the check (Soviet special services) and shot.
For anyone interested in the history of the Civil War in Russia should be at least 1 time to visit Kakhovka and Perekop.