Italian WW2 battlefield tour from Moscow

Don river, Voronezh, Rossosh

Cossacks, Russian Civil War, World War II.

These places are very interesting for those who has been studying the history of the Civil War in Russia. There were bloody battles between the Red Army of Comrade Trotsky and the Armed Forces of South Russia (Volunteer and Don Cossack Army). In addition to regular battles took place here raid Don Cossacks cavalry in the rear of the Red Army led by General Mamontov. This guerilla raids Don Cossacks had nearly led to the Cossacks to capture Moscow. Historians still argue about the possibility of capture by the Cossacks in Moscow, which could lead to other geopolitical results.
In these places there were bloody battles during the Second World War. In Voronezh are military history museums dedicated to World War II.
Special historical area of the district Rossosh. Here were the Italian units. Very interesting is the landscape. High bank of the Don River from the time of the Mongol invasion was a natural reinforcement areas. In these places, long settled Catacomb Orthodox Church. Underground monasteries, caves – all these can be visited during the Second World War or the complex historical tour.
In Russia, there were differences between the allies of Hitler’s struggle against Stalin. Many allies did not agree with Hitler and the Nazi policy of attrition from Russia.
The city Rossosh is an interesting museum dedicated to the history of Italian troops stay in the area. These places, where the monuments to Red Army soldiers who died and a memorial to Italians like to visit the Italian armed forces veterans and children of those killed in these places.
You can visit these places on a tour of Moscow. Our recommendations in our experience – to stay in these places for 2-3 days. Many of these places are like strong and they stay for 5-6 days to explore underground of structures involved in prospecting and meet with local historians.