Königsberg – East Prussia battlefield tours

East Prussia & Königsberg is the best in the World WWII battlefield and the historical area. Why? Because:

  • It was the LAST citadel of the German ELITE forces. A lot of the German BEST division, including “Gross Deutschland” fought and died here
  • More that 5 000 000 000 $ of the World Culture items are loosen here: it was the German stock of the All culture items from all Europe. Germans preferred to hide that to give the culture items for the Soviet NKVD troops. “Prussia museum”, “Amber room” etc.
  • British aviation (1944) in “barbarian style” destroyed more that 70 % of the old historical buildings, at least the ground parts. A lot of civilian German local people died. Genocide of the German people by the British army
  • Soviet artillery (1945) destroyed a lot of the historical building too. After WWII all local German people was moved outside from East Prussia. Sometime to NKVD concentration camps. Genocide of the German people -2 by Soviet Army and NKVD
  • All cold war era it was RESTRICTED are. No access for foreigners and, even for Russian visitors*
  • “Conservation of ALL battlefield areas”. Some military German fortifications were occupied by the Soviet Army troops, some ones – were destroyed at the top only. All underground fortifications are still in the good conditions and waiting for the researchers
  • There are a lot of the LEGENDS and MYTHS about Königsberg underground

You will visit again and again this area after you was here once…
Our team does work with the VETERANS, the former military officers spent whole life to study this region. Why we guarantee the excellent and adventure rest:

  • Our team has the BEST in the World the specializing detectors (made in Russia), including the geo-radar
  • Our team has two registered official the Historical Military Societies and private Museums
  • Our team member is the owner (!) of the best battlefield areas, including BALGA
  • Our team works with the assistance of the local Police officials and we GUARANTEE the security for you
Our team in WWII uniform during the Battle for Konigsberg re-enactment

Our team in WWII uniform during the Battle for Konigsberg re-enactment

* Some very interesting historical area such as Baltiysk are still closed for foreigners and even for Russians.
For your security you will be provided by our military officer – the guide, specialist in the East Prussia history

East Prussia WWII battlefield monuments

East Prussia WWII battlefield monuments

About our private tour in Königsberg and East Prussia (Kaliningrad region)

duration: 1 day, 2 days, till 1 week and more
permission: required for the some areas in advance

The historical military objects sights to be visited: see photo-albums: