MOSCOW TOUR GUIDE. Museums, excursions and private tours

Historical military travel guide of Moscow and Moscow region.

Moscow (Moscow region) is the capital of Russia, and the center of military-history and military-technical tourism. This is primarily due to the history and traditions of the Soviet period, when Moscow has all the control of the USSR, Communist party and military Officials. In Moscow, located KGB, Ministry of Defence, Headquarters of the Navy of the USSR, Ainti-aircraft control center, Space Control Center , GABTU and all other major law enforcement agencies. Most federal museums military establishment designed solely for education military cadets and officers of military academies, for special forces and military engineers. Each department had its own museum is not to preserve the history and artifacts show the people and the practical purpose of training employees in his department.
That is why most of the federal museums are located in Moscow. In 90 years, thanks to our team developed the program “Open Russia” have been declassified for many federal museums. Exhibits of museums, such as the collection tanks of the Second World War, or the collection of Soviet aircraft are general world property. Unfortunately, in recent years the trend has gone back to classify and close to Russian and foreign citizens, many very interesting museums.

Red Army WWII trophies – German tanks, Kubinka museum

Red Army WWII trophies – German tanks, Kubinka museum

Moscow was also the center of all of the armed struggle, especially in World War II. The Battle of Moscow was the key to the history of the Second World War. It is from Moscow begin almost all military-historical tours devoted Battle for Moscow at different distances (“Operation Mars” Rzhev, the battle of Smolensk and others)….and the trophies from China battlefields in 1945

Red Army WWII trophies in China – Japan tanks. Kubinka museum

Red Army WWII trophies in China – Japan tanks. Kubinka museum

Museums and sights:
Moscow & Moscow region, restricted:

not restricted museums and sights:

  • The Central Armed Forces Museum of  USSR/ Russian Federation
  • The Central museum of the Grate Patriotic War (WW2 1941-1945)
  • Kremlin museums
  • Borodino 1812 panorama
  • GIM (State Historical Museum)
  • Mosfilm Studio museum
  • all not restricted museums…

not restricted museums/sights but take the car/ driver:

  • T-34 history museum
  • T-34 tank ride base/ training center
  • cars, truck and AV private museums (Moscow region)
  • Lenino-Snegiri historical military museum

Sights to visit by yourself:

  • Red Square, Mausoleum
  • Lubianka square, KGB Center
  • Donskoy Monastry and the historical cemetery
  • Tverskaya street
  • Arbat street, General Staff HQ
  • Metro stations, the total bomb helter
  • Vernisage collector market
  • all sights to visit by yourself…

Battlefields 1-3 day tours from Moscow (with guide/ driver):

  • Borodino 1812/ 1941 battlefields & museums
  • Battle for Moscow, North-West direction (Tverskaya, Rzhev)
  • Battle for Moscow, West direction (Smolensk)
  • Battle for Moscow, South-West direction (Kaluga) + Cold War tour
  • Partisan zone (Briansk)
  • Battle for Kursk see “Battle for Kursk-Orel-Belgorod

Battlefield tours from Moscow (by yourself):

  • Saint-Petersburg tour (by yourself 1 or 2 days)
  • Battle for Leningrad (with the driver/ guide)
  • Archangelsk, North Russia Expeditionary Forces (by youself or guided)

You can also start / continued your tour in other cities after / before Moscow:

  • Stalingrad tour (with the local guide)
  • Kenigsberg, East Prussia (with the local guide)

see also the recommended / standard tours:

  • Moscow region (one hour by the car