Novorossiysk, tour from Moscow

Russian Civil War, British tanks, World War II and colonel Leonid Brezhnev.

Black Sea, Novorossiysk, port & hero-city

Novorossiysk – a major sea port.

During the Civil War through the port shipped British tanks MK 5 and French “Renault FT-17” for the Volunteer Army in 1919. Here were the armored trains. Here was the evacuation of the Volunteer Army in March 1920.
During the Second World War there was an operation which was personally involved Colonel Leonid Brezhnev, the future leader of the Soviet state. His memories of “Little Land” about Novorossiysk and events here read all the citizens of the USSR.
There are museums and memorials.
This region can be visited independently (by plane), and with a guide.