One day tour from Moscow, WW2 bunker

Battle of Moscow WW2 bunkers

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World War two one day private battlefields tour from Moscow.

In this place, through the hill, the old road from Smolensk (from Europe) passed. In 1812, the French army of Napoleon went along this road to Moscow and there was a battle of Borodino. In October 1941, the German army of Adolf Hitler went along the same road to Moscow and there was a WW2 battle. Below the hill is a small river and a plain. On the back of the monument to Kutuzov is an artillery bunker, from which anti-tank guns fired on the road and German tanks. Line of the fortified area 36 (UKR “Mozhaysk”)
In the photo: the Soviet artillery bunker of the Second World War, built in the autumn of 1941.