historical cultural tour from Moscow

Moscow region, interesting places. Kremlin

Old Russian city

One day private sightseeing and battlefields tour from Moscow with a guide by a car.

Kremlin or fortress, the general history of Russia.
The Russian state arose when there were enemies around, attacking from the east and west, from the north and south. For this reason, all the old Russian cities were formed as large fortresses with the Kremlin and the Orthodox Church inside. Moscow Krepml is a good example, but not the only one. The Kremlin has survived in Tula and other cities that we recommend visiting.
The city of Mozhaysk is located in a very dangerous (western) direction, survived many wars, including World War II. The old Kremlin has not been preserved, but there is an old model of the Kremlin that you can study and compare with the Moscow Kremlin. Near the destroyed one is a well-preserved monastery, the same Kremlin but smaller. You will also visit him during the one day tour from Moscow.