Private historical, cultural and battlefield tours from Moscow

Our own travel programs:

individual / small group budget tours

  • 1-3 days WWII battlefield tours for tourists (Smolensk, Kursk, Stalingrad etc. as request)
  • 1-2 “weekend” tours for the foreigner businessmen from Moscow
  • journalist – tours for TV, magazine correspondents
  • 1-2 weeks the special expeditions
  • 100% security, English / Chinese speaking military historian guide. details…

Moscow region sightseeing tours: culture, history 

  • Golden ring tours to Vladimir, Suzdal etc. learn more…
  • Eco tour: old fashion Russian country (1-3 days)
  • Martial arts: KGB fighting style (1-3 days)

Russian WWII Battlefields and relic hunting tour list:

COLD WAR “battlefield”  tours list:

  • Soviet Empire Strategic Defense ruins tour (1-2 days). Learn more…
  • East Prussia Soviet Army Cold War tour. Learn more…

Сombined tours: the Russian culture, the history and the battlefields

Your favor period:

  • World War II
  • World War I
  • Russian Civil War & Intervention
  • Cold War / Soviet era
  • All wars and historical events

Your special interest:

  • Militaria, collecting
  • Re-enactment
  • Relic hunting, diggers
  • Vehicles, AV, aviation
  • Military painting, fine-art
  • Boy-scouting
  • Architecture, fortification
  • Family, ancestry history
  • Russian history & culture
  • Other special interests