Volgograd Stalingrad battlefield tours

Cossack history, Russian Civil War, World War II.

This name is familiar not only to historians, but in general everything. Movies, books on the history and even the name of the square in Paris have the name Stalingrad.
Bloody battles, destruction of the city led to the fact that from Stalingrad almost nothing left. Only a few houses survived. One of them is named Pavlov. There is also a large memorial “Motherland” images even in Soviet rubles. There is also a historical museum.
Our club provides an opportunity to see more. These space battles. To do this, our friends – members of military history clubs show real space battles. Until now, the battle fields are remnants of equipment and other artifacts of the time.

Some days per year Volgograd still named Stalingrad (during the celebration of the Battle for Stalingrad)

But Volgograd – is not only Stalingrad.

Volgograd – is also ex. “Tsaritsyn city. Tsaritsyn (from Russian world Tsar) is original name during many centuries. In 1919, the Russian White Army led by General Wrangel, with allies advanced on Tsaritsyn against the Bolsheviks. Tsaritsyn also called “Red Verdun”. In the attack on Tsaritsyn involved British tanks MK V ‘Rombus” with Russian and British crews. British tank crew for the capture of Tsaritsyn got a lot of Russian awards.
This story is also reflected in the local museum exhibits. In the archives of the military and tourist club has a lot of pictures and maps of the time.
For fans of “living history” to our friends, we provide the opportunity to be photographed in the field of battle in the original or replica uniforms of white or red army.
Note that the Tsarina – is Cossack land of Vsevelikogo Don Voisko. It took place a battle between the Don Cossacks and the Red Army of Comrade Trotsky. (See map and photo)
In Volgograd can be reached by train from Moscow for 1 or 2 days at will.
Regular program includes independent visit memorable places. The expanded program includes a local guide and a visit to the region, the real battlefields.

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  • Stalingrad battlefield tour (1-7 days) (Stalingrad city + the real battlefield areas)

Some photos of our team (WWII re-enactment in Stalingrad):

Stalingrad battle re-enactment

Stalingrad battle re-enactment

Stalingrad living history on the real battlefieleds

Stalingrad living history on the real battlefieleds

the Battle for Stalingrad battlefield tour from Moscow

“the Battle for Stalingrad” battlefield escorted private tour from Moscow

Stalingrad real battlefield area tour

duration: 1-7 days
permission: no required
charges range* for persons in USD 1 pax/2 pax: since 400/300$ till 800/600$

  • Above prices are net and include:
  • Transport from Moscow to Volgograd/back by the night train (bus)
  • Taxi renting over all area
  • English speaking guide / armored security/ your photo-camera operator***
  • Breakfast, drinks**
  • Museum/ excursion fees

** Regular Russian food like a team member. Restaurants are available for the additional fee (really very chip in local area!)
What you can see at the MODERN Stalingrad (Volgograd)? The ruins of the ONE house (Pavlov’s house) and the factory ruins? One WWII regional level museum? Want more? To see the REAL battlefield area in Stalingrad? Joint us and we will show you the interesting WWII places…

Note that you can leave your baggage in your base hotel in Moscow but DO not pay for those 1-7 nights and keep the money. But you have to inform the administration in advance (better when you book the hotel). It operation does cover 50% of your tour charges.