Ural, Perm, GULag

Russian Civil War, Russian Tsar family, Stalin era & the Big Terror.

These sites are associated with fairy tales and legends, based on precious stones and minerals. There really is mined precious and semi-precious stones. On sale are souvenirs from these stones.
The Russian Civil War also associated with these places. Murder in 1918 in Perm Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich, who was to become the Russian Tsar after the abdication of Nicholas 2. Permian offensive White Army against the Red Army of Comrade Trotsky. Places of the Civil War battles in Russia. These places are connected and one tragic history of Russia. Gulag. Concentration camps where Stalin planted many citizens of Russia. Western civilized man it is difficult to understand the logic of the Soviet Stalinist system. This system is barbaric and inhumane. Mass executions and conviction in prison was common. Killed and imprisoned for not guilty, but only because everyone NKVD had every month to find a number of “enemies of the Soviet regime.” If he did not carry out a plan to search for enemies of the Soviet power, he automatically became the enemy of the Soviet regime and subject to repression. It was enough to resent some way to, for example, that the store bread is not fresh, and the person to be shot as an “enemy of the people”, or 15 years prison for “anti-Soviet propaganda.” Concentration camps of the NKVD – “The Gulag”, barracks were built quickly and qualitatively, so far almost did not survive. The second reason, they were all under the control of the NKVD. When the order came to destroy the concentration camps such as the Gulag after Stalin’s death, they were still in the office of the NKVD. The secret of the system represented by the camp – a fence, fence, anti-escape devices, etc. As a result, the perimeters were destroyed and many other parts of the concentration camps.
At this point in Perm remained almost the only museum in the world Gulag – a concentration camp for political prisoners, the period of Stalin. The camp was preserved only because even after Stalin’s death, continued to sit there famous political prisoners. In this camp were the enemies of Soviet power. There were collaborators – who during the Second World War, cooperated with Hitler. Here sat accomplice attempted Brezhnev – policeman, whose form used Ilyin. There were human rights activists and dissidents. This is the camp described in the book by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
In Perm, preserved many of the old buildings of the 19th century. Now the city is rebuilt, but still have the old parts of the city.
Foreign tourists are recommended to visit this place, to understand the history of Russia and the Soviet “Stalin’s paradise.”