Travel to Vladivostok, Russian Far East

Russian fortress, Russian Civil War, American Expeditionary Forces.

Vladivostok. The Far East.
Vladivostok – the famous fortified, the fortress founded to strengthen the power of Russia in the Far East. Boxer Rebellion in China, the Russian-Japanese war, the history of the Cossacks – all linked to the history of Vladivostok.
Vladivostok was and still is a major naval base. In World War I there were stores of weapons, equipment and ammunition, which supplied the allies of Russia. It is to protect stores from the Germans and the Bolsheviks in 1918, the international troops landed here. From 1918 to 1922 there was fighting between the Bolsheviks and the Russian “White” army of Admiral Kolchak and allies.
Already here in the far east of the Allies of World War II – the United States and Japan began to arise contradictions due to the aggressive policies of the Japanese military. U.S. claimed the expansion of its territory, in contrast to Japan, which tend to occupy territory on land, in the Russian Far East and China willows. As a result of the Russian Civil War and the events in China, Japan occupied Korea and occupied part of the territory of the other.
During World War II, Japan did not attack the Soviet Union, so the Vladivostok fortress preserved in its original form to this day.
For a long time, as Vladivostok naval base was closed to foreigners. Vladivostok is now an open city and the largest cultural center of Russia in the Far East.