Yalta, Livadia, Crimea

Russian Tsar summer residence. Russian Imperial Army, Russian Civil War.

This is a special area of the Crimea. Is only 2-3 hours drive from Sevastopol has a special warm climate (where you can swim sometimes even in winter) and a history.
Yalta and Livadia – a traditional holiday destination officers of the Russian Imperial Army. Yalta and Livadia Palace – is the summer residence of Tsar Nicholas II and his family.
Preserved old buildings and palaces. The unique climate and plant collection (Botanical Garden.) These places are just fabulous for their beauty at different times of the year.
Personally, I like the October when the tops of the mountains are covered with frost, and at the foot warm sun and autumn colored leaves.
In Soviet times, I served as a lieutenant in the other part of the Crimea, in Yalta, the large object space forces (now – a museum space forces). Despite the long road – 2 hours by train + 1.5 hours on the bus, I was very fond off duty to visit these places in the fall.
From Yalta in November 1920 evacuated part of the Russian army, cavalry, and other kinds of troops.
Now in Yalta are gorgeous hotel, and on the waterfront has a tasting room with wine. There is a very interesting tour of the winery, where they show all the production of local wines for tasting and provide the best selection of local wines. Any officer of the Soviet Army dreamed of visiting such a place, such is the history and tradition.
We encourage our colleagues to visit and stay in Yalta for 2-3 days to see all the sights, learn the history and culture, and a little rest. Many come here with families, children, wives.
Our guides, experts, will surprise you not only knowledge of the history, but also the knowledge of English. (For details see our capabilities, our services, simultaneous translations, technical translations and special)
In our own archives there are unique pictures of these places, including those made at the time of departure of the Russian army in Turkey (continued Istanbul, Gallipoli)