Golden Ring Guide book, tours from Moscow

Golden Ring of Russia – the ring of the old cities near Moscow, the traditional  tourist route. In these cities, 12 – 18th centuries there are the Kremlins, monasteries, churches, the old houses, the monuments of the culture and history. The ancient cities are located in the north-east of Moscow in 2-6 hours by the car and are very popular for the foreign tourists. In the USSR, religion was considered forbidden and subject to destruction. Many old buildings were destroyed. For a long time the USSR much needed the foreign currency and, therefore, retained a gold ring as a source of the currency from the foreign tourists. As always, the reception of foreign tourists for a long time engaged in “travel” company  named “Intourist” under the control of the KGB. Many priests have also collaborated with the KGB. This system preserved the monasteries and churches. In this part of Russia, in Moscow, Vladimirovskaya and Yaroslavl regions there was not the fighting during the Second World War, which also preserved monuments and buildings.

Sergiyev Posad – the Golden Ring of Russian

Sergiyev Posad – the Golden Ring of Russian

In terms of the military history, all the monasteries are a mix of the castles and Orthodox churches. During the civil war in Russia in 1917-1920 in these areas (the religious education of the people) was an uprising against the Soviet power, and the monasteries as a fortress occupied by the troops of the Red Army and the Cheka. Sometimes the ChK (NKVD-KGB) used the monasteries as the prisons and concentration camps for the civilians people and captured officers of the White Army.
Below we provide information about the city of the Golden Ring, about the best attractions, castles, monasteries, churches and museums.

The main towns of the “Golden Ring”:

Sergiyev Posad the ancient city with well-preserved old houses. There is a monastery – the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, founded in the 14th century. Inside, there are several large cathedrals. There are also several museums.
Pereslavl-Zalesskiy – old Russian city and the birthplace of the national hero and military commander prince Alexander Nevski. Ancient houses, 6 convents, many cathedrals constructed from the 12th century. There is a museum of the railway transport. You can take a ride on the steam train of the First World War.
Rostov Velikiy (Rostov the Great) . One of the most ancient cities of Russia founded 862 years ago. Preserved old buildings, the white stone kremlin, monasteries and many art and history museums.
Yaroslavl is the unofficial capital of the Golden Ring. Ancient beautiful city. The Kremlin, monasteries and a large number of museums. During the Civil War there was a great people uprising, which was suppressed by the Red Army and the Cheka, which included the Latvian Riflemen and Chinese executioners.
Kostroma Kostroma as Moscow was founded by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky in the 12th century. In this city, with its old houses have Ipatiev monastery linked to the Tsar Romanov dynasty. First Tsar Mikhail here during the Russian-Polish war in 1613, Michael became the first Russian Tsar of the Romanov dynasty
Ivanovo – the old town, famous for weaving factories before the revolution and during the Soviet era. This specialty is traditionally female and, therefore, the city is called “the city of brides”
Suzdal is an old city with the Kremlin, monasteries and churches
Vladimir is the former capital of Russia (known as the Vladimir Rus) There are cathedrals and monuments

An additional list of cities:

• Rybinsk
• Uglich
• Myshkin
• Alexandrov

Golden Ring – 2 (South direction)

The Golden Ring -2 is the travel route  to south from Moscow, including the old, but ex. restricted fo the foreigner old cities. The best towns for the travellers are:

  • Serpukhov. The old city with the ancient buildings, 2 monasteries and the best art museum-gallery.
  • Riazan. The ols city with the churches ans museums.
  • Tula. One of the military-history famous city with the kremlyn, small arm museum and World famous weapons factory
Fine art museum – gallery. Oil painting of world and Russian artists, icons, decorative art. Serpukhov

Fine art museum – gallery. Oil painting of world and Russian artists, icons, decorative art. Serpukhov