Battle for Kursk, WW2 battlefield tours from Moscow 2003

WW2 battlefield Prokhorovka Yakovlevo tank T-34-85

T-34-85, archive 2003

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Tank Battle for Kursk” individual escorted world war 2 battlefield tour from Moscow: Prokhorovka- Yakovlevo Archives, no longer!
In Soviet times, it was the main monument in Yakovlevo, next to the Prokhorovskoye field. The veterans of the Second World War laid wreaths of flowers, pioneers and Komsomol members, young communists stood next to the guard of honor. We have this tank in many old black and white photographs of the 70s. Now on Prokhorovka there is a similar monument, part of the large Victory Park, where dozens of monuments and dozens of tanks are installed. In Yakovlevo, almost everything has remained in its old form, as in this photo.