Kursk WW2 battlefields tour from Moscow 2003

Battle for Kursk, WW2 Prokhorovka tank battlefields

WWII tank & Assault guns exhibition in Prokhorovka, 2003

Eastern front of World War 2, USSR. Famous tank battles guide book. Archives. M.Blinov (2003)

Tank Battle for Kursk” individual escorted world war 2 battlefield tour from Moscow: Prokhorovka and Yakovlevo. Archives, no longer!

A rare archive photo taken on film during our travels 20 years ago. A large memorial complex began with this small exposition of Soviet tanks located near the railway line. Old, from Soviet times, the museum has been greatly expanded and renewed. A large exhibition of parts from tanks found on the battlefield has been made. Another, second tank museum was created on the basis of a unique collection transferred from the Ural plant, where tanks were produced during the Second World War. On the battlefield itself, dozens of armored vehicles are now installed, showing the attack on July 12, 1943.
ISU-152 Soviet Heavy Assault gun ob the base IS-2 (Iosif Stalin, the continuation and development of the KV-1 series, Kliment Voroshilov)
IS-2, Soviet heavy tank
IS-3, same
SU-100, assault gun
T-34-85 medium tank
T-34 , rare 76 mm. (main tank of Battle for Prokhorovka, Kursk, Stalingrad etc.)