Kubinka tank museum, Moscow

Kubinka tank museum Moscow Russia Adam

Red Army WWII trophies – German tanks, Kubinka museum

Red Army WWII trophies – German tanks, Kubinka tank museum, Moscow region, Russia.

Heavy German self-propelled 600 mm. gun Karl Morser. Only 6 units and one prototype were produced. Each exhibit had its own name. For a long time, historians could not determine the origin and name of this model. At first they thought it was “Thor”, but during the renovation work they found the original inscription “Adam”. The fate of the entire structure is now known. This is a prefabricated part after renovation. Chaussie from one installation, tower from another. The turret with the original “Adam” lettering does not fit the chassis from other chassis.
It is still located in pavilion number 6 of the tank museum in Kubinka, next to the heavy German Maus (mouse) tank.
On the Eastern Front, these guns were used in the battle for the fortress of Brest, the city of Leningrad and Sevastopol. See our Second World War battlefields tours from Moscow to Leningrad and Sevastopol on the guide book.