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Russian World War One Lebedenko Tsar tank
Fantastic Russian project of engineer Lebedenko during the First World War. Manufactured and tested in 1915 in Moscow region. The test results were poor and the tank did not enter the arsenal of the Russian army. For many years tank was at the landfill, military polygon area, then it was dismantled for scrap metal (Soviet “cultural” tradition). In the 90s, the expedition found some parts of this tank at this training ground. According to the original archives drawings and original technology, the tank was reproduced and presented in the museum, where there used to be a training ground.
You can visit it by booking a one day guided tour from Moscow by car with a military English speaking expert.
Our recommendation.
If your level of tank knowledge is good, if you want to improve your knowledge of the history of building tanks in Russia, we recommend that you visit T-34 tank history museum before visiting the Tank Museum in Kubinka. Reasons: in the Kubinka Tank Museum (Patriot Park) you will have mainly an external examination of the exhibits. The T-34 museum will tell you the whole history of the development of tanks in Russia, and you can also see the structure of the tank and its individual parts. The museum is located in the Battle of Moscow area, a northwest direction. According to our tradition of “two sites in one day”, you can combine a visit to the museum of the T-34 tank + an excursion to the battle places “Battle for Moscow 1941” north-west. Interesting stories of how Soviet defenders fought against German tanks, letting water go and freezing the Moscow canal, turning it into an insurmountable obstacle for German tanks