Battle for Smolensk monument 1812

Battle for Smolensk monument, Napoleonic war 1812

Defenders of Smolensk

One day famous Napoleonic and World War two tour from Moscow to Smolensk in the soviet era. Author’s Photo 1983 year.

The Battle for Smolensk 1812 monument.
The monument “Defenders of Smolensk August 4-5, 1812” was solemnly unveiled on November 5, 1841 on the day of the 29th anniversary of the liberation of Smolensk from the French troops. The author of the project is Antonio Adamini. The place for its installation was not chosen by chance – the parade-square of the city near the Royal Bastion, where the French made the first attacks of the city. Near the monument in 1873, two French cannons were found, found during the construction of the building of the classical male gymnasium.