Eastern front WW2 battlefiels, bunker

Eastern frint WW2 famous battlfields, Smolensk Hitler bunker

“Hitlerland” area near Smolensk, M.Blinov photo (C)

WW2 battlefields tour from Moscow to Smolensk.

Some words from authors:
I am Mikhail Blinov, the historical military expert, lived in Smolensk all my child age, more that 10 years. Like any soviet child we visited the all real battlefields , we liked the WW2 relic hunting and collecting any WW2 militaria. Our dacha (small summer house) was in this area. After WW2 time (“cold war time”) the Soviet army still used some German structure (communication center etc.) My father, military officer in the captain rank was a chief of Smolensk strategic missiles army unit communication center and…. a chief of the based on German building communication center also. I made a lot of photo with the Smolensk area 1970-1983 years and I’ll try to display all on this web-site. If you witch to visit Smolensk, write us and I’ll show you all interesting places and tell you the stories of my fathers…